Our Story

Established in 2010

The Lighthouse Restaurant opened its doors in 2010 led by owner Jon Hardy; We started as a small team, with little experience in the ‘industry’, and no specific style, our only aim from day one was to offer our best version of passionate cookery and service. Now over ten years in, we believe we have stumbled upon a dining style that makes us stand out in the local area.

Whilst being out in the sticks every day, we couldn’t help but notice the fantastic woodland produce, livestock and vegetation growing in the surrounding farms and land nearby; this then became what we based our experience on. No gimmicks, no flash-in-the-pan ideas, just great ingredients. We felt the best way to do this was to create a list of dishes celebrating the best food around us that season, and let them shine: The Tasting Menu!

The entire team are tight knit, informal, fun and incredibly passionate in providing the best experience possible. A lot of thought has been put into the whole experience and we therefore only offer our tasting menu. We feature in The Michelin Guide and our eyes are on a star. Come see what we’re about, we’re striving for perfection, and always evolving. 

See you Soon,

The Lighthouse Team